Blue Handmade Italian Leather with Silver Stripe Classic Buckle

$399.00 USD

We offer fine Italian leather belts in a assortment of unique colours and one of our favourites is the Blue Handmade Italian Leather Women's Golf Belt. Handmade in Italy from top quality Italian leather to give your golf attire something special. A perk of using Italian Leather is that your golf belt will be long lasting. If you are looking to fully personalise your golf belt, why not add one of our bespoke belt buckles to create a piece of your own golf history.

Product specifications:

  • - Limited Edition
  • - Handmade golf accessory
  • - Blue leather belt strap
  • - Subtle DB print
  • - Numbered 1 to 25 for a unique touch
  • - Custom golf accessory
  • - Interchangeable classic silver stripe belt buckle for unlimited options
  • - Includes your choice of a free belt buckle
  • - Measures 1.5"" wide, with a 42"" long strap when with the end clip and buckle attached


If you are looking for a true golfers belt, why not create your ideal personalised golf accessory with our Create Your Own Belt builder.