Isn’t it strange that …

In the world of finance you want to be in the black, with money in the bank, rather than in the red. How weird that in the world of golf that situation is actually flipped?

And it’s all about heritage…

The idea of red representing below-par scores is so traditional in golf. If you are playing well enough that your name appears on a leader board, you will have your score displayed in red numbers, meaning that you are under par.

On a leader board showing hole-by-hole totals, birdies are traditionally displayed in red and at the Masters, the leader board even uses different shades of red for birdies and eagles. Furthermore, a notable observation can be made with one famous inspirational character of golf, who chooses to wear this auspicious colour for Sunday’s finals. As to the why? Well, the truth in fact, as admitted to by the man himself, is that his commitment to the red shirt emanates in fact from the instructions of his mother, Kultida. 

"I wear red on Sundays because my mum thinks that, that's my power colour" Says Tiger. "And you know you should always listen to your Mom.“

This week Druh takes curated inspiration from the beautiful colour red, that has for centuries been strongly associated with joy, good fortune, power and attraction.

You choose.