Aqua Full Grain Patterned Leather Strap

$130.00 USD

Our Aqua Full Grain Patterned Golf Strap will make the perfect golf accessory on the green. Hand-picked by our experts to ensure that our golf belt straps are this season must have. Why not try adding one of our designer buckles to complete your golf attire. If you are looking for a personalized golf accessory, Druh Belt will provide the answer.

Product specifications:

  • Handpicked golf accessory
  • Aqua Full Grain Patterned leather belt strap
  • Custom golf accessory
  • Upgrade your belt strap with a custom belt buckle
  • Measures 1.5" wide, with a 42" long strap when with the end clip and buckle attached

If you are looking for the perfect golf gift, why not create for them a personalized golf accessory with our Create Your Own Belt builder.