Blue Crocodile Patterned Leather Belt with Classic Thru Buckle

$154.00 USD

Let's play! Our Blue Crocodile Patterned Men's Golf Belt uses the finest of leathers. This golf accessory is built to last and look stylish at the same time. Be sure to change up your golf attire with our range of designer golf belts and belt buckles. Add some personality to your game.

Product specifications:
  • - Handmade golf accessory
  • - Worn by Lee Westwood
  • - Blue crocodile patterned leather belt strap
  • - Custom golf accessory
  • - Interchangeable classic thru belt buckle for unlimited options
  • - Includes your choice of a free belt buckle
  • - Measures 1.5" wide, with a 42" long strap when with the end clip and buckle attached

If you want to look stylish on and off the green, why not create your ideal personalized golf accessory with our Create Your Own Belt builder.

Worn by Lee Westwood

Care of your Druh belt

Every premium cow hide used to make a Druh Tour Collection belt is checked and chosen by hand. This is how you receive the finest of leathers. The benefits of full grain and special leathers made by hand, are their visible natural characteristics. These further enhance the individuality of the belt you have chosen and make it unique to you. On wearing, this originality is enhanced by you, as the natural leather softens and reacts to the warming and cooling of your body, sculpting it to fit even more comfortably.

Please note, when subjected to extreme heat and excess moisture, the leather may react to include slight colour changes and dye transference. This is normal of a natural product and Druh cannot accept responsibility for damage to connected materials.

In order to ensure that you can enjoy this beautiful piece for as long as possible, we strongly advise that you do not expose your belt to water, chemicals or conditioners, as these will break down it's integrity.

To maintain your belt in the best possible condition:

  • Always use a soft dry cloth to clean your belt
  • In case of spillage onto your belt, carefully blot the stain with a clean cloth
  • If your entire belt does get wet, lay flat and leave to dry naturally at room temperature
  • Do not put the leather near heat or in the clothes dryer We are always adding new designs, including Druh apparel and other accessories.
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