What is Proper Golf Attire for Ladies

Mar 3, 2020 

1. Women's golfing tops

Women are lucky to have the option to wear either a collared or un-collared shirt, and as long as it has sleeves it will be acceptable attire at most golf clubs. Wearing a sleeveless shirt with no collar is unlikely to be allowed at most prestigious golf courses. So, if you want to be seen as a serious golfer keep to the classic styles with the classic look. But just because it’s ‘classic’ doesn’t mean it has to be boring. You can shop our range of colourful women’s golfing polos here… 

If you choose to go with a collarless shirt, do not just turn up in a bog-standard t-shirt, make sure it’s made by a premium golf brand clothing manufacturer. You also have the option of a ¼ length zip-top or button-downs.

2. Women's golfing bottoms

During the winter months there’s not too much choice when it comes to women’s golfing attire. Just keep to full length or ankle slacks again made by a genuine golf brand manufacturer. Don’t turn up to the club house wearing leggings or standard gym aerobics wear.

When it comes to looking good on the golf course during the summer months, it is important to understand that most clubs would like ladies shorts to reach to the knee. Some clubs give the option that shorts should go just past your fingertips with arms at your side.

Always make sure you check out the website or contact the club before playing if you are not sure what is allowed, and what is not acceptable. A good first port of call is contacting the Pro Shop onsite and confirming with them.

If you play a number of courses and don’t want to have to keep checking with the club first, purchase the safer option of shorts to the knee. If you are wearing custom made golf clothing brands, chances are every item of clothing will be the correct length.

3. Women's golfing sweaters and jackets

It's always a good idea to layer your clothes when you are going out to play. When playing a round of golf you could potentially be out on the course for 4 or more hours. If you are planning to tee off early the weather can change drastically over that period of time. A cold fresh morning can turn into a warm hot afternoon or cloud and drizzle.

Again, if you are going to take a weatherproof protective rain jacket make sure it's lightweight and does not restrict your movement when playing.

4. Women's golfing hats

Spending hours out in direct sunlight is not good for your skin. Women have a good choice of a simple sun visor on its own, a traditional style baseball cap or going for a combination of a visor with a crocheted hat which is becoming very popular due to the fact it allows for your head to breath playing in humid conditions.


5. Women's golfing footwear and socks

As far as socks are concerned, most people prefer no show or very low-cut socks on the course. It’s essential to remember it’s the little things that count when it comes to staying fit and healthy. Wearing cheap ill-fitting socks can actually hinder your game. If you have been getting aches and pains or scores that are taking the pleasure out of your game, it’s probably time to check your footwear which incidentally includes the quality of your golf socks. A good pair of quality socks will give you grip and support.

When playing any sport remember your feet are the foundation of the movement of your game. Many people are tempted to skip on the things that don’t really show, but a good pair of golf shoes are always something that is worth investing in.

Golf shoes are part of the traditional style of dress, and they serve as an important part of your functional clothing. They also help protect the course environment and are designed to inflict the least amount of damage to the greens, and give you stability with your swing. 

6. Women's golfing belts

High quality women’s golf belts are the ultimate understated golf accessory, they don’t shout out at you, but they do get noticed when you are wearing them. Belts are beautifully subtle, but never ignored. You can have the latest driver or the highest quality golf attire, but a mediocre shoddy golf belt will let you down. If you really want to dress to impress, wearing a Druh golf belt says more about you than just your golf game or which brand club you are using.

Brands like Druh Belts & Buckles can even create you a bespoke golf belt working off your own design specifications and ideas giving you that exclusive feel and look. All Druh belts are handmade, and quality checked. Because all Druh Belts and Buckles can be interchanged, you can be sure your belt will be totally unique and original every time you go out and play.

Final thoughts

Dressing for golf is not rocket science there’s just a few basic rules.  If you want to play it safe make sure you wear a collar or sleeves, make sure that your shorts are not too short and preferably go to or just past the knee, and make sure to protect your face, head and eyes when playing in the sun. This includes making sure you wear sun protection on exposed parts of your body such as the lower legs and arms.

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