Quick Golf Tips for Improving Your Game

May 12, 2020 

With most golf courses having been closed in response to the recent situation, many of us may find our golf skills a little out of practice. This can make stepping out onto the golf course for the first time a little intimidating and our golf swing a tad rusty. But don’t worry, playing golf is like riding a bike. Your body will have built up muscle memory and you’ll soon get into the ‘swing’ of it. However, it can’t hurt to have a few golf tips to help you feel prepared. So what golf tips can help you to improve your golf game when it comes to the first round or competition?

Walk the golf course

Walk the golf course

Walk the golf course and visualise each shot you are going to make. Taking a lap of the golf course you are about to play will allow you to get to know each hole, leaving no room for surprises. You can use this time to visualise each shot you are going to take. Just remember, all good Formula One drivers walk and study the track before a race.

Don’t compare yourself to other golf players

Don’t focus during a game on your score or any other player’s score, play in the moment. Golf is a game where it’s just down to you, so don’t be reactionary to what other people are doing. You have control over every part of your game unlike boxing, football or Hockey. No one is taking pot shots back at you or trying to wrestle the ball away from you, forcing you to be reactionary to what others are doing. Focus on you!

Aim for the pin

Imagine hitting a birdie, always aim for the pin. Don’t let doubt stop you from aiming straight for the pin!

Warm up pre-golf game

If possible, always have a pre-round warm up. The more you act like a pro the more chance you have of playing like one. Playing a warm up round will give you another opportunity to get a feel for each hole. Especially if you haven’t played on that particular course in a while, or if it’s your first time on a new course, a warm up round is always recommended.

golfer drive on the green

Stay positive

When you warm up with a practice round, understand that is exactly what it is. When Muhammad Ali practiced before a fight, he always picked sparing partners that could overpower him and would work on what he considered the weak parts of his game. So if you are a little rusty, don’t get disheartened. The warm up round is to get you into the swing of it and warm up your muscles.


Warm up by putting to get a feel for the speed of the green. As well as getting a feel for the green, putting is a skill that will get you in the zone. With small adjustments and movements required, this is the perfect way to focus your mind and importantly… warm up your muscles.

confident golfer stretching out

Golf warm up stretches

Do a series of warm up exercises, especially for the lower back, hips and shoulders. Golf is hard on the body when performed at a high level. So, do not have the mindset of an amateur armchair part-timer.

three man golfing together


Enjoy every minute of your round of golf, after all you play it because you love the game! Don’t let the nerves from the competition or your fear of not performing your best put a dampener on your spirits. If you step out feeling positive and excited to play, you can’t go wrong.

This blog is written by The Caddy

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