The Most Effective Golf Training Aids.

Feb 15, 2020 

1. The Orange Whip

The Orange Whip was voted one of the best golf training aids of all time. It is used and recommended by professional golfers on the LPGA and PGA World Tour.

This popular training aid helps you with flexibility, balance and using the lag to power up your game. This is a great tool for hip rotation and opening up the hips to power through shots smoothly. This training aid is primarily built to improve tempo, speed, and timing but it does so much more. Any imbalance in your swing and in-consistency of tempo will show up as a wobble in the shaft. It’s like having your own personal golf pro keeping you in check.

Orangewhip Image

2. Izzo Smooth Swing

The Izzo Smooth Swing is an ingenious little device that keeps your arms and wrist in sink from the highest point of the back swing through to the highest point on your follow through after striking the ball. This training tool works for left-handed and right-handed players. The real genius of this simple golf training aid is it keeps your swing synced up and at the same time you can actually practice hitting balls while you are wearing it.

Izzo Smooth Swing

3. SKLZ Gold Flex

The SKLZ Gold Flex Training aid is designed to build up your overall strength in all the key areas needed to deliver a perfect drive. Basically, the Gold Flex is a golf driver with a traditional grip one end and a 2.5-pound weighted ball the other end. This aid is designed so you can get a good low impact stretch with body and shoulder rotation to help you get a real feel of lag. This will help you build all the key muscle groups for developing torque and powerful ball striking.

To get a real striking impact on the ball, you need to train your muscles to get a real feel for lag on the return after the top end of your backswing to produce heavy torque, and thus produce power and distance on your drive.

The bonus? There are two models available 40 and 48 inches to cater for different heighted players. Adding this training aid to your practice sessions will give you the edge over your competition and improve your game.

Sklz Gold Flex Female
SKLZ Gold Flex

4. Golf Impact Ball

A Golf Impact Ball is a very simple yet very effective piece of equipment to keep your shoulders, chest, and arms in the right position throughout the backswing all the way to the follow through. This device works extremely well if you tend to move your elbows out of position during the swing.

Gripping the ball between your forearms this aid helps you keep your arms, chest and shoulders working as one throughout the whole swing. To get the full benefit from this device do not go full power on your drives, it gives you the biggest rewards if used at 40-50% of your normal shot power, allowing you to self-analyse and make the tiny adjustments needed to improve your swing.

Golf Impact Ball Three

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