Golf Handicap: What Is It and How Can You Improve It?

September 01, 2020 

Here 6 sure-fire ways to improve your golf handicap...

 Warmup Your Swing

It’s vital with all sports to have a warmup and get the blood circulating. Don’t go out on the driving range and smash a load of balls. The real pros start off with half swings or quarter swings usually using a short iron, try an 8 or 9 iron and get a feel for the ball. Practice pitching the ball with a short swing. If you can’t pitch with a short swing you certainly won’t be able to pitch with a full swing. 

When you have finished 7-10 short pitches, start to lengthen your shots. Then go to a 7 iron and do the same until you have worked through your bag. Just work on getting a smooth unhurried swing before the game.


If you take care of the basics, the more advanced techniques will take care of themselves. If your fundamentals are flawed, you will be building on crumbling foundations when it comes to the rest of your game.

Have a pre-set routine before striking the ball, this helps you remember the fine motor skills you have been taught by your golf pro. Remember to keep it simple, My Pro once said to me the more moving body parts you have as you strike the ball the more chance of a miss hit, or a bad off target shot.

Regular Coaching From a Golf Pro

You can’t watch YouTube and improve your shots; personal 121 coaching is the only way to constantly improve your game. Having a coaching session on a regular basis stops you getting really good and doing the wrong things, bad habits are a tough thing to change.

Investing in a set of golf clubs and not wanting to pay-out for a good golf pro, is like buying a Porsche and not being able to drive.

The Most Important Shot in Golf

Many keen starters concentrate on the driving range, hitting 500 balls. One of the best tips I can give you is practice your putts, make sure a pro has checked the mechanics of your basic shot making and practice for 30 mins per week rolling putts 4-5 feet, aiming to get 13 inches past the cup.

Keep Yourself Fit and Flexible

When you look at the movement within a golf swing, it requires a lot of flexibility, so a 5-minute warm up trying to touch your toes is not good enough. Golf requires a wide range of back and hip flexibility so take getting flexible seriously, plus as you get older flexibility is essential if you don’t want to pick up injuries. Champions like Nick Faldo and Tiger Woods were and still are huge on fitness, if you are physically fit you are usually mentally fit. Fitness and flexibility can make the difference to winning or losing a match.

Play With Players That Are Better Than You

Increasing your golf handicap is usually made up of increasing a few small increments of your game. The best way to achieve this is to play other players who are better than you are. You won't grow into a big fish in a small pond. Playing with other quality players, will eventually drag your game up a couple of levels. If you really want to learn and improve your golf game, step out of your comfort zone of playing other players you know you can beat, that’s kidding yourself and not realising your true potential as a player.

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