5 Of The Most Extreme Golf Courses In The World

Apr 17, 2020 

These are among the extreme golf course in the world with additional challenges provided by mother nature and its natural inhabitants. From the longest course to shark-infested waterways to extreme wildlife roaming the greens, take your pick.

Are you looking for your next big golfing challenge? Here at Druh Belts we have created a list of 5 of the most extreme golf courses in the world to get you inspired. Whether you want to take your game to new heights, share your course with members of the animal kingdom or travel the 1365km to com plete an 18-hole course, there is a challenge out there waiting for you. So which one takes your fancy...

Shark infested waters

Situated in Queensland, Australia, the Carbrook Golf Club plays host to one of the world’s most extreme golf courses. Whilst the golf course as a whole may look like any other with its luscious greens surrounded by nature, there is one jaw-dropping difference… sharks. If you manage to dunk your ball into the water on the 15th hole, take our advice and cut your losses. Even if it was your favourite ball, reload and play another shot. That water plays home to angry bull sharks. Who's up for a round?

Beware of the tigers

If a shark infested golf course isn't extreme enough for you, the Skukuza Golf Course situated in Kruger National Park, South Africa is one not to be sniffed at. Playing this golf course will have you taking a walk on the wild side, and you won’t be alone. Whilst you are lining up your shot you can expect to see all members of the animal kingdom, including baboons, hippos, warthogs, giraffes and even big cats. So make sure you keep one eye on the ball, and the other on your surroundings. But don’t be fooled, these animals will not be separated by fences. The surrounding wildlife are free to roam around and all that keeps you from the animals is employees keeping watch on your behalf.

How far are you willing to go?

So you love golf, but how much do you really love golf? Are you willing to travel 1365km and play an 18-hole, par-72 course to complete this feat? Nullarbor Links in Australia will take you on a road trip along the Eyre Highway, with each stop giving you the opportunity to tee off. However, patience is a virtue as the average distance between holes is 65km with two holes a mind-boggling 200km apart. Seven of the holes you will be playing are located on existing golf courses, but the other eleven are created roadside, surrounded by the scorched reddish orange surroundings Australia is known for.

Golf "whites", not green

When you think of golfing, you picture beautiful greens surrounded by luscious nature. But how about trying your skill on ‘whites’ instead? On a small island off the coast of Greenland is the World Ice Golf Championship, just 500 miles from the Arctic Circle. For just one month out of the year, this golf course is open for you to play in sub-zero temperatures. You will be playing with red balls (for obvious reasons) and wrapped up in layers of clothing. This experience will be world’s apart from what you’re used to. Make sure you don’t forget your pre-game briefing on snow blindness and how to spot frostbite!

Scared of heights?

Last but not least is The Elfego Baca Shootout in New Mexico. When you tee off from the top of Socorro Peak, you will be taking a shot from 2550 feet from above the green. As you work your way down the mountain you will be attempting to get a hole that is three miles away. As you slowly progress, you will encounter mountain lions, mineshafts and even rattlesnakes. This 1-hole course will challenge all of your skills as a golfer. All you will be equipped with is 10 balls and a small piece of carpet, and must finish with at least one ball to score. Up for the challenge?

This blog is written by The Caddy

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