Elegance with an edge

Negative Ion Bracelets

Druh db Negative Ion Bracelet Elegant Black

Druh db Negative Ion Bracelet Elegant Black

The 'db' Negative Ion Bracelet stimulates muscle activity and power output, provides a natural way to sustain high-intensity exercise over a longer period and accelerates muscle repair, regeneration and recovery thereby improving the performance of the wearer both mentally and physically.

  • Negative Ion generating double-moulded Silicone inserts with an emission rate of 1,800 to 2,000 ion/sec
  • Embedded rare earth Neodymium magnets x 8 with a surface strength of 1,600 Gauss
  • 99.99% pure Germanium stones x 4
  • Hand-polished stainless steel / enamel 'db' logo component
  • Elegant 2-button mechanism jewellery clasp
  • Elegant strap adjustable from 19.5cm down to 14.2cm
Db-bracelet-box Db-bracelet-black-classic-reverse Db-bracelet-white-elegant-reverse